Hide – Mom’s Got Scissors

About a week ago I had trimmed my bangs and for once, was happy with the results.  They looked hip (I’m not), a bit edgy (I’m not, really), and in spite of my crazy cowlick, they fell smoothly into place with little effort.  They would have been perfect if they were only a few millimeters shorter.  Today, I awoke with a slight fever (flu – bleh) and decided to remedy that.  Not so great results.  In my feverish state, I ruined a perfectly good fringe.  I was sweating bullets as I tried to fix and fix and fix it.

Cutting bangs will go on my list of things not to do when having a fever.

I least it’s not as bad as this haircut…


He’s so cute, though, he can survive a bad hair cut.

Someone should really hide the scissors – from me.  Fever or not.

Update 1/10/13:

Now that I’ve updated my Gravatar and other profile images, I might as well share it here.  FringeAlas, my hacked fringe.  I keep telling my son that the best cure for a bad hair cut is two weeks.  Three weeks later, and mine still seems just as hacked and goofy.


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