Exercise: The Most Obtainable Remedy

Each day this week I woke up so sore that getting out of bed was a comedy of sorts. Back, arms, joints, ankle – what did I do to myself? Besides a little swimming with the kids, I really have no idea what brought on this pain. And each day I just hobbled around and took it easy.

Taking it too easy soon turned into a general funk (day 2) from which it was hard to emerge. I told myself that I simply get blue sometimes for no apparent reason. Or then (day 3) I listed all the many reasons I imagined that could make me depressed. The list became endless (day 4) as I got more and more imaginative with each item that I dredged up. Before too long, I was caught in a fantasy of misery.

This morning I was saved by the bell, or, in this case, my little one who woke up early with a nightmare. With a few kisses and snuggles, he quickly returned to sleep. Me? Oh, my back, my hip, my arm… I couldn’t rest as my mind was too focused on all my little gripes. Finally, in defeat (or triumph), I got up, threw on my shoes, and went for a walk.

Ah, to see the sun rise on Lake Michigan is such a privilege. The aches and pains that have been plaguing me all week soon eased, and by the time I got back home, I felt that blue shroud dissipate as my energy returned.

It is too easy for me to forget how to cure myself. The exercise that seems so impossible to attempt when I’m feeling achy and blue, is exactly the right remedy. Truth.

4 thoughts on “Exercise: The Most Obtainable Remedy

  1. I’ve been out of my habit of my morning stretching all summer. Definitely a good thing about school starting for me again…routine! But, now I’m so stiff! I, too, fail to pick up on my body’s cues whether it’s the need to rest, slow down or move. Great reminder and I can just imagine the beautiful sunrise!

  2. Good to hear from you, Phoebe. I know what you mean about routine. I feel like since homeschooling, I struggle to establish a solid routine. This year it will begin with getting up a little bit earlier to sneak in some exercise/writing/coffee/contemplation time for myself.

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