Exercise with the Flu?

The photo above was taken during my not-quite-daily walk along Lake Michigan. It was about as warm today as it was during my early morning walks in Arizona last week. Unseasonably warm. No complaints, here.

Since I woke up still feeling fluish, I wasn’t really planning a walk today. But the clear blue skies and balmy temps beckoned, so I donned my sneakers and walked my short route.

Arizona gave me the gift of walking without tons of layers, but Chicago… oh Chicago, how I love your lakefront. It was great to get out, stretch my legs and rest my eyes where the lake meets the sky.

I questioned whether I ought to be working out, having the flu and all. I’ve read that while daily moderate exercise will build up your immune system, taking a break while sick is necessary to help the body heal. I admit, resting is a challenge, especially when there are kids to chauffeur, feed, amuse, etc. The walk was mentally invigorating, but I’m feeling especially run down tonight. I think I’ll take that advice and try for some extra sleep.

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